The Manitoba Advantage

Over the last decade, Manitoba’s economy has been the most stable in Canada. In 2008, Manitoba was estimated to have posted one of the highest growth rates among provinces. With a diversified economy, a large and stable service sector and a broad export market, Manitoba’s economy is on track in 2009 to outpace the national average for a fourth consecutive year. It is also this strength that’s made Manitoba a destination for those looking for a place to live, work and invest. Over the last two years, Manitoba’s population has grown at a higher rate than any time over the past 36 years. At the same time, Manitoba’s unemployment rate in 2008, at 4.2%, was the lowest since the early 1970s.

Manitobans have a strong community spirit and long tradition of helping others. Manitobans are among the country’s leaders in terms of volunteer activity with community, social and charitable groups, with half of the province’s population reporting voluntary service.  Similarly, Manitoba has the highest percentage of residents among all provinces donating to registered charities.

Manitobans love to celebrate their heritage and the arts, so the province boasts 100 festivals held throughout the year – including the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Folklorama, the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, the Festival du Voyageur and the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Manitoba is recognized for a variety of outdoor attractions. Beaches, lakes, rivers and parks are integral parts of Manitoba’s quality of life. Manitoba is a province of 100,000 lakes, with almost 15% of the province covered by lakes and rivers. In Manitoba, you’re never far from an opportunity to participate in water sports like canoeing, kayaking, or swimming, or to just relax at one of Manitoba’s world-class beaches. Proximity to lakes and affordable vacation homes has given Manitobans one of the highest rates of vacation home ownership in the country. Winters offer extensive family recreation opportunities for skiing, curling, snowmobiling and (of course) hockey!  Whether you are an observer or a participant, the choices for recreation are almost endless.

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