Terms & Conditions

FEES INCLUDE:  In Canadian Dollars

Application Fee $200.00
School Tuition Fee (Full year – 2 semesters) $11 000.00
School Tuition Fee (Half year – 1 semester) $5 500.00
Medical Insurance Full Year (non refundable) $500.00
Medical Insurance Half Year (non refundable) $250.00
Homestay Fee (room and food) $750.00 per month

FEES DO NOT INCLUDE:  Any costs incurred by the student for extra-curricular activities, school trips or sports.  Any costs incurred by the student for long distance communication, entertainment or travel.  Any medical expenses incurred above and beyond medical insurance coverage.  Any costs incurred for bank charges, credit card transaction fees or other charges incurred in the process of applying and paying for program costs.  And any other fees not expressly mentioned under the title “Fees Include”.

ENROLLMENT AND PAYMENT:  Applications should be sent to the Study Manitoba School Divisions office at least 30 days before the beginning of the semester along with the requested fees.  In the exceptional cases of last-minute enrolment, it is necessary to pay the total fees in full (sending us by fax or email a copy of the bank transfer) or sending us credit card details in writing, authorizing us to charge the total fee immediately (in case of a no-show, no refund is possible)

BALANCE:  The balance must be paid before the start of the semester.  If the student does not pay the balance of the required fees, Study Manitoba reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrollment in the program.

METHODS OF PAYMENT:  Payments can be made by electronic bank transfer or online by credit card.

PAYMENT INFORMATION:  Fees may be paid by:

Electronic Bank Transfer
All fees associated with bank transfers will be paid by the sender.

Destination Bank Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto ROYCCAT2
Account with Bank RBC Royal Bank,

Melita Branch

85 Main Street

Melita, Manitoba

R0M 1L0

Beneficiary 02737-1006220

Study Manitoba School Divisions

c/o Southwest Horizon School Division

P O Box 370

Melita, Manitoba

R0M 1L0

ACCOMMODATION:  Arrangements for accommodations are made by the Study Manitoba School Divisions Homestay Coordinator.

ACCOMMODATION CHANGES:    Every effort is made to ensure good matches between students and homestay families.  Placements are made using information gathered from online application forms.  Please explain specific requirements and expectations before we book you with a family as changes will only be made in cases where absolutely necessary.

ACCOMMODATION CANCELLATIONS OR EARLY DEPARTURE:  Should you need to cancel your homestay request before arrival, please inform Study Manitoba, in writing, as soon as possible. Should you need to depart from your homestay earlier than originally scheduled, you are required to give your host and Study Manitoba a 2-week cancellation notice in writing.

DAMAGE:   If any damage is caused by the student to school property, homestay family property or public property, the cost of these damages must be settled immediately by the student.

BEHAVIOUR:  Study Manitoba School Divisions expects that all students will treat students, homestay families and others with respect and that they will act accordingly.  Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and doing their own laundry while staying with their homestay family.

TRANSPORT:  Transportation by school bus will be arranged where necessary.  Other modes of transportation to and from school will be employed as per the homestay family’s usual schedule.  ie, walking, driven by parents, etc.

POSTPONING:  The student must provide in writing, their intention to postpone the start of a course at least two weeks before the start of the course. In such case, a $400 tuition deposit will be retained to hold the seat in the program.  Any other monies will be fully reimbursed.

STUDENT VISAS:  You will receive a letter of acceptance into the Study Manitoba School Divisions international student program upon receipt of payment of your fees.  You are responsible for obtaining study visas and for any visa-related expenses.  Should your student visa be denied by Canadian Citizenship and Immigration, you will be eligible for a refund of your fees.  Proof of denial is required.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS:  No lessons will take place on Canadian public holidays.

LANGUAGE OF THE LESSONS:  All lessons will be taught in English or French.

GROUNDS FOR REMOVAL:  You will be required to immediately leave your homestay with no refund for any of the following reasons.

  • Breach of homestay guidelines
  • Caught using illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Found to have a paying job
  • Driving without a driver’s licence
  • Not maintaining a full course load
  • Unauthorized travel
  • Purchasing, possessing or using firearms or other lethal weapons.

INSURANCE:  Students are required to have medical insurance purchased through Studentguard, as indicated in the fee schedule.  This is non-negotiable.

COURSE PROGRAMS AND PRICES:  Study Manitoba School Divisions and its schools reserve the right to modify their course programs and prices.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Complete refund (less any fee paid to an agent)

  • The student writes a letter to the director of the program stating their intention not to participate.  The deadline is October 1 for semester one and full year tuition, and March 1 for semester 2 tuition.
  • Student is denied a study permit by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  Proof required.
  • Student’s parents/legal guardians secures a work permit that begins on or before September 30 of the academic year and the student is attending a Study Manitoba School Division school on or before September 30 of that year

NO SHOW POLICY:  If the student does not arrive on their expected date of arrival, they or their family must provide written notice to Study Manitoba School Divisions to receive full reimbursement.  (Less $100 application fee and $400 tuition deposit)

PHOTO RELEASE: Study Manitoba School Divisions has permission to use photographs of my child and/or artwork, written work or comments produced by my child in any promotional material and/or professional media for the positive promotion of the international student program.

ACCEPTANCE:  Hereby officially accepting these Terms and Conditions, the student and the parents or official guardians of the student (where the student is a minor), therefore also accepts the TERMS AND CONDITIONS which authorizes Study Manitoba School Divisions to charge due course fees and charges related to the program to credit card details without further permission from the card holder

The program shown in our website or in print material are only indicative and Study Manitoba School Divisions reserves the right to alter dates, times and contents of courses at any time.  On your arrival at the school we will provide you with any revised schedule.  The program reserves the right to adjust fees in the event of particular international monetary situations.



The students and staff of Carberry Collegiate are always excited to have International Students attend our school.  The opportunity to help students learn about our language, community and culture benefits both the International Students and the students at Carberry Collegiate.  Many friendships have been established and maintained through International Program and we hope to continue ...

Bruce McCallum
Principal | Carberry Collegiate