Living with a Host Family

The Study Manitoba Homestay focuses on the homestay experience. There is no better way to learn or improve your knowledge about a culture and a language than to live with a family and experience every day life first hand. By living with a family, you are given the opportunity to share in meals, conversation, and daily activities. You will have your own bedroom and full board (3 meals a day). Host families are motivated by the idea of making cross–cultural friendships. They do not see themselves as a hotel. Families want to get to know you as a person and hope to continue the friendship after the homestay.

Homestay Fee: (Room and Food) $700 per month


International students are placed in safe rural communities all around South-Western Manitoba. It is important to be flexible about which town you’re placed in since we are unable to take your location preferences into account. Our priority is to identify a host family and community that is the best match for you.

Accommodation and Meals

Students accepted to Study Manitoba School Divisions have profound opportunities for cultural immersion by living with a well-screened host family while attending a local high school in Canada. For decades, the cross-cultural homestay has been considered the best educational vehicle for the development of real international understanding.

Each host family agrees to provide its international “son or daughter” with meals and his or her own bedroom. Every family is different.   You may have younger, older or no host siblings.

Host families do not want or expect a “boarder,” but rather a new friend and family member. You may find your host parents in Manitoba quite protective, but as long as you stay within family rules, your host parents will be flexible. Most parents work outside of the home; expect a busy, lively household where mealtime is the chance to catch up with everyone’s daily activities.



I am perfect. The people here is very friendly and the school is good. The best courses are I C T in the Mac lab and gym class. The courses are good, some of them difficult but most of the teachers are awesome and i receive a lot of help and support of them. The ...

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