I am perfect. The people here is very friendly and the school is good. The best courses are I C T in the Mac lab and gym class. The courses are good, some of them difficult but most of the teachers are awesome and i receive a lot of help and support of them. The most difficult class is Geography of Canada because i don’t know a lot of Canada.

I am in the basketball team in the school and it’s great. We are not the best team but soon. I found some really good friends here and some of them are coming to Mexico next summer for sure. Yes, Canada is very different but it’s ok. The WEATHER is extremely different such as the persons and the food. We don’t have thanks given and some other things like Terry fox.

My family here (the Neufelds) are the most healthy and peaceful persons that i know. I love the fresh breath with the home made jam and i have a big list of things that i really like of this place. I learned how to cook rise after i burn it.

Maggie and David are very good persons with a level of patience really high. I know that they hate bullfighting but they tolerate my addiction to it. They have a lot of respect to my things and i appreciate that.
Jonah is a very interesting guy. He is very good juggling.

Thanks to David and Maggie i have a enormous jacket, gloves, boots and all the kit to stay warm here. I feel just like in home! Yes, I’m going to Mexico for 3 weeks. I come back the 8 of January.

Eric Del Rio Wenning