Top 10 Reasons

1 | Lakeshore Cabins

Manitobans have one of the highest rates of vacation home ownership in Canada. Our province is home to over 100,000 lakes and for generations Manitobans have enjoyed weekends at the lake with family and friends. In addition, Manitoba’s many beautiful provincial parks are year-round havens for campers, fishers, hikers and lovers of the great outdoors.

2 | Festivals and Events

From Folklorama to Festival du Voyageur, from the beauty of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet to the exciting action at a Moose, Bomber or Goldeyes’ game, Manitoba offers a wide range of cultural and entertainment attractions throughout the year.

3 | Commuting Distance

The average commuting distance to work in Winnipeg is less than six kilometres, the lowest of any Canadian city with a population of over 500,000.

4 | Housing Costs

Despite a recent increase in Manitoba’s housing costs, we still remain one of the least expensive locations in which to purchase a home. A recently-published survey shows that Winnipeg is Canada’s top-ranked city in terms of housing affordability.

5 | Some of the Lowest Car Insurance Rates in Canada

Manitoba has some of the lowest auto insurance rates in Canada. In some provinces, you would pay twice as much for auto insurance as you pay in Manitoba.

6 | Fore!

Manitoba has one of the highest ratios of golf courses to golfers in Canada, as well as one of the highest golfing participation rates in Canada. More than one in four Manitobans tee off in the province each year.

7 | Low Electricity Rates

Manitoba’s published electricity rates are consistently among the lowest in North America. In addition, our province is committed to developing energy conservation programmes as well as exploring new sources of green energy.

8 | An Education System that gets Great Marks

Manitoba’s five universities and three community colleges offer high-quality advanced education with some of Canada’s lowest tuition fees.

9 | Manitobans have Big Hearts

The rate of volunteerism in our province is consistently among the highest in Canada, and Manitobans have the highest proportion of charitable giving of any province.

10 | Home Construction is Booming

With strong growth in incomes and significant increases in population growth, Manitoba’s housing construction continues to flourish. Over the last five years, housing starts have increased almost 60%, reaching levels not seen in 20 years.

From the Government of Manitoba website,



I hope you enjoy as much as I did my exchange, and that you find your second home/ family; but remember, this is YOUR experience, from the first day you will be the one who decides how this is going to work! So good luck, and… enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!...