Quality of Life

Manitoba Offers an Enviable Quality ofLife

The population is large enough to support a rich cultural and sporting life but small enough to keep the air and water clean, the traffic moving and the many natural attractions uncrowded.

Living costs are some of the most affordable in Canada, with house prices, auto insurance, electricity, university or college tuition and more all available at very reasonable costs. High quality public health care is available free to residents.

The reasonable cost of living gives Manitobans more disposable income to spend on a rich array of entertainment and recreation choices, including professional and amateur sports, theatre, ballet, and live music performances in every genre. More than 100 festivals occur throughout the year – including one of North America’s premier folk music festivals, Western Canada’s largest winter carnival, and North America’s largest multicultural festival. And with 2.5 million acres of parkland and 100,000 pristine lakes there are limitless options for outdoor recreation.




The students and staff of Carberry Collegiate are always excited to have International Students attend our school.  The opportunity to help students learn about our language, community and culture benefits both the International Students and the students at Carberry Collegiate.  Many friendships have been established and maintained through International Program and we hope to continue ...

Bruce McCallum
Principal | Carberry Collegiate