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Residents of this community like to think of Waskada as small but mighty.  It is a vibrant community hosting many businesses associated with the major oil activity in the area. During the summer, there is a weekly farmer’s market where local growers sell fresh produce. The golf course is well kept and ready for visitors to play a round or two. There is an impressive museum consisting of many varied exhibits and displays.

Waskada is very close – 6 miles – to the US border and not that far from the Peace Gardens at Boissevain.  Every second summer the community hosts “Borderfest”, a summer festival featuring music, ball games, markets and more.

The wide open spaces are an attraction in both winter and summer to newcomers used to living in the close proximity to their neighbors in high density cities.  Miles and miles of waving wheat fields with interspersed pastures of cattle and horses grazing are a treasured photo. The town is close to some historic sites such as Sourisford along the river and the local native burial mounds.

Winter is a busy time:  the local rink is a hub of activity for the community with hockey and figure skating, as well as curling.  Bottineau Winter Park is just a few minutes away for downhill skiing.

For those not as active in outdoor activities, there is access to 4-H programs, cadets and martial arts programs.  The local library is run out of the school.

Waskada School is a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school. The staff guide their students with the mission statement “Everyone Striving for Excellence” based on the following principles:

  • Opportunities should be available to all
  • Everyone should strive for personal excellence
  • Education is a life-long process
  • The school involves students, parents, teachers and support staff, community, business and industry in the education of students.

The school offers all of the courses needed to obtain a high school diploma as well as a large variety of choices beyond the core courses: 2D Animation, 3D Modeling, Keyboarding, Print Communications, Robotics and Home Economics. There are many extra curricular activities such as volleyball, curling, badminton and high school hockey, just to name a few. The school has an up to date computer lab and also offer courses if needed, over an IITV system in which courses can be received or sent out to other schools.

Waskada School may be small in size, but it is big in spirit! Waskada School is very much like a big family, where everyone interacts together. Our student council holds many school wide events such as spirit weeks and fun days. The school is truly the heart of the community as shown by the shared facilities: a modern library and community fitness centre are both located in the school and used by members of the community. Construction is complete on the new Early Learning Centre. This will be a place where parents can bring their children to be cared for in a safe environment that also fosters learning and help the children prepare to enter Kindergarten.

Waskada School is a school where the community and school work together for the betterment of their youth.

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