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A visit to the Town of Rivers will show how important the railway has been to the community. Rivers was the first railway depot west of Winnipeg in 1908. Today, many of the decorative touches around the town depict the railway including painted murals, store fronts and green spaces. The railway helped the town attract immigrants to become a very multicultural community. Many people came to the area to find work on the railway or to train at the former air force base. Today many local farms are owned by immigrants. Rivers is a community where the cost of living is very affordable and it is in close proximity to Brandon, the region’s largest city. Many people enjoy the small town atmosphere to live and raise their families and take a short commute to Brandon to work.

Rivers is a community that is big on recreation. In the winter, you will find 120 km of groomed snowmobile trails, prefect for a snowy ride. Hockey and curling are also a big part winter activities. Rivers has a provincial park that many people do not know about. Lake Wahtopanah is a great place for camping, fishing, sailing, waterskiing and boating.

Students from Rivers Collegiate were the very first Canadians to be awarded scholarships to attend the Prof. Harry Messel International Science School in 2009 at the University of Sydney, Sydney Australia. Prof Messel is a world renowned physicist and was born and raised in Rivers.

Rivers Collegiate has partnered with Ducks Unlimited to create the Wetlands Learning Center of Excellence. This is a great way for student to really get some hands on learning in the local ecosystem. Many students are enrolled in the Hockey Skills Academy where they learn not only sport skills, but also important life skills like teamwork and discipline.

At Rivers Collegiate, the staff believes in developing a positive school climate by providing a safe, supportive, orderly environment where respect is always present. Education is a partnership between school, community, students and parents.

A successful experience at Rivers Collegiate requires trust, cooperation and constant communication involving all members of the school community. It is the belief that well-educated student’s must receive a well-rounded education which includes a firm knowledge of academics, technology, skills in leadership, service and athletics.

The staff is committed to the use of a wide variety of instructional techniques and experiences in meeting the needs of our students. Finally, they believe in providing consistent, fair, realistic guidelines and consequences and that student rights are accompanied by responsibilities, true discipline is self-discipline and to reach that goal, responsibility lies with students, teachers and parents.

Education is a team effort at Rivers Collegiate.

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