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Reston, Manitoba is a farm based community surrounded by beautiful wide open plains. It is a small town, filled with friendly faces and a quiet atmosphere. The community is steadily developing with new houses and new businesses. The people of Reston created a place where everyone is welcome and everyone is close.

Besides its abundance in farming, Reston is well known for its many sporting events in the community; including hockey, figure skating, and curling in the winter. These all take place at the new Reston Rec Plex. The Rec Plex also contains a new gym if you would like to become a member. In the summer, sports that have a large fan base are baseball and golf. Reston community members like to stay active all year round in their many recreational activities such as hunting, camping, hiking at the Canupawakapa trail, canoeing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, tobogganing, snowmobiling and quading. Reston has two new parks, a theatre, museum, library and restaurants where you might want to join in on coffee time.

Reston has one K-12 school, Reston Collegiate. It is well equipped with the latest technology and the student to teacher ratio at the Collegiate is around 10:1, making for lots of one on one learning Many online courses are offered as well as the courses taught in classrooms. High school athletic teams include volleyball, badminton, hockey, curling, and baseball. Sports are a good way to learn life skills and appreciate achievement. Some social clubs that are offered are the travel club, yearbook, book club, and reach for the top. The student council also strives for school spirit by putting on events such as gym blasts, dress up weeks, dances, and the yearly school ski trips.

Reston’s small town size builds personality, friendship, and gives a lifelong experience. Reston community members take pride in what they’ve created and would love for you to join us.

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