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The community of Forrest is located just 8 kilometers north of the city of Brandon. Many families choose to live in the Forrest area to enjoy the rural lifestyle while having a short commute to Brandon for their employment. Children of these families and those from surrounding communities attend school in the Forrest.

At Elton Collegiate, the staff believes in a commitment to achieving goals through continuous achievement. They empower students by building confidence in an inclusive caring environment to encourage lifelong learning. Staff encourage critical and creative thinking in problem solving and decision making and provide extra-curricular and citizenship opportunities on a local, national, and global level.

The community has welcomed international students through the Study Manitoba program. The experiences have been positive for both international students and their Manitoba classmates and host families. With opportunities to share new experiences and learn about other cultures, distances seem not quite as far. Friendships have been made and technology makes it easy to stay in touch.

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