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Elkhorn has many amenities and a great community spirit to support them. The town boasts a beautiful golf course, paddling pool, park, community skating rink and curling club. There is a fully serviced campground and a large fair ground. In the summer, there are always ball games, family entertainment and festivals to participate in.

Elkhorn is part of the Prairie West Recreation District, and their mission is to encourage and provide opportunities for people to experience leisure through the initiation of a public recreation program which shall include all aspects of recreation: physical, social, cultural, and artistic; all striving to meet the needs of the community.

Established to keep an impressive private collection of antique cars in Manitoba, the Manitoba Antique Automobile Museum now houses a wide variety of artifacts and documents that are integral to the history of the village, an array of early farm machinery and implements in addition to the primary collection.

Elkhorn School, a K-12 facility, has a student population of 187 students. It offers a Technology Education Diploma as an option to the regular Manitoba High School Diploma. To find out more about this type of diploma, visit this page.

Students benefit from the following courses: home economics, a full French program, and comprehensive music programs. The athletics programs support both junior varsity and varsity teams in volleyball, baseball, basketball and curling. There are also intramural sports for all students during noon hours.

Each day, the staff and teachers at Elkhorn School commit to:

  • maximizing student achievement in academic, artistic and practical skill areas consistent with student abilities and skills.
  • providing a caring and safe environment which nurtures social and emotional growth leading to responsible behavior and a positive self-concept.
  • developing habits which promote life-long physical fitness, good nutrition and continuing physical activity.
  • having students develop positive attitudes towards self and others, the school and the community.
  • fostering in students the ability to make responsible decisions related to work, family and society.

Elkhorn School provides a positive educational environment, which encourages everyone to strive for academic, physical, social and emotional excellence.

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