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The town of Deloraine is nestled in the Turtle Mountains of Southwestern Manitoba. This area is well known for its year round outdoor recreation activities. The rolling hills of the Turtle Mountains give many opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, snowmobiling and All-Terrain vehicle use. The area is bursting with winter activities such as skating, tobogganing, downhill and cross-country skiing, ice fishing, hockey, and curling.

Being close to Lake Metigoshe and Lake Stanley affords many opportunities for summer water sports such as boating, waterskiing and wakeboarding, swimming and fishing. Many families in the area maintain cottages at one of the local lakes and enjoy spending time there year round. The local golf course hosts many tournaments that attract golfers from across the region and the swimming pool, staffed by qualified lifeguards, is a great place to take swimming lessons and cool off in the summer heat. Students also often enjoy meeting up with their friends to watch a movie at the local theatre.

Deloraine undertook an amazing project for the new Millennium. Simply called “Flying the Flags of the World”, its objective was to display flags from all over the world at various locations in town. The process was a long one; letters were written to the countries’ embassies asking for a donation of their national flag. Sometimes this wasn’t always possible and flags had to be purchased. The flags were officially raised in the summer of 2000. Presently, there are 206 flags throughout the town; 193 flags from around the world, plus the 13 provincial and territorial flags of Canada. Flags can be found at the swimming pool, the Deloraine Motor Inn, in Nygard Park, at the school, and in front of the Legion.

Deloraine School is a Kindergarten to Grade 12 facility whose mission is to involve students, parents, staff and community in providing a quality education for our children. The goal is to provide a positive and safe environment which rewards excellence in effort and results while also providing educational opportunities where every student can achieve success and satisfaction. It is the school’s objective to demonstrate the value and respect of the individual, and the importance of living in and contributing to a productive community.

Students will find a wide variety of extra-curricular activities at Deloraine School including volleyball, basketball, badminton, baseball and track and field to name a few. There are also activities such as student government, yearbook and social committees, drama and field trips during the year to round out the academic program.

Deloraine eagerly welcomes students from around the world.

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