How do agents apply on behalf of students?

Application forms are completed online at studymanitoba.ca. Indicate your agency name in the “referring agency” box on page 2 of the application.

To complete the application process, please submit the following:

  • Completed Student /Homestay Application Form (completed online)
  • Original or certified copies of translated transcripts from the previous two years of school. Scanned copies may be uploaded at the completion of the application form.
  • A copy of the photo page from your passport
  • Application fee of $100.00CAD payable by credit card, bank draft or bank transfer

When is a Letter of Acceptance issued?

When a completed application is received, processing begins immediately. Once an appropriate match has been made for the student with a school and homestay family, a Letter of Acceptance will be issued and the enrollment package is sent to the referring agency.

What study options are available?

Students can choose one month, one semester or one year.

When is the deadline to apply?

We encourage students to apply up to six months before the start of their chosen program to allow enough time for processing applications, visa applications and travel arrangements.

Study Manitoba is flexible in receiving later applications from students on a case by case basis.

What payment plans are available?

Payments can be made several ways depending on the length of program:

Full year payment options:

  • Full payment, due one month prior to the start of classes
  • Per semester: Semester one includes the fee for the annual medical insurance
  • Quarterly: payments made August 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1

One semester payment option:

  • Full payment due one month prior to the start of classes
  • Payment may be divided into two payments

Note: Students may not start classes until payment plan has been determined. Fees must be paid in advance of the student attending classes.

How to make payments?

To pay by credit card, go to the online payment section of the website: studymanitoba.ca/smsd/school/C_OnlineApplication.asp

Click “already registered” and enter the student’s login information and the password. This will bring up page that lists the fees.

  • Click on “click here to pay these fees”
  • Follow the instructions to make payment.

Payments can also be made by bank transfer or bank draft. Information is available on our website at: Terms & Conditions

Where are schools located?

Study Manitoba represents 18 schools in the Southwestern part of the province of Manitoba. Communities are between 1.5 and 3.5 hours drive from the city of Winnipeg. These communities are vibrant and provide opportunities and a high quality of life unseen in most international rural settings.

What additional fees apply?

Study Manitoba charges no airport pickup fee and no homestay placement fee. Homestay families meet students at the airport in Winnipeg and transport students to their home. When possible, Ian Scott, Director of International Education also greets students and the homestay families at the airport.

Students are required to pay for supplies related to their chosen courses, such as art supplies or equipment fees. Extra curricular activities such as sports or field trips also have additional fees.

How are students matched with a homestay family?

Homestay families applying to the program are thoroughly screened and must submit to several criminal checks, provide personal references and be interviewed in a home visit. Once approved, families are matched with students who have similar interests or similar placement criteria.

What “extra” activities are available to students?

Extra-curricular activities are available to students through the school such as team sports, field trips, travel clubs, drama productions and choral performances to name a few. Each community offers it own list of activities for students outside of school hours. Many communities offer sports like hockey, figure skating, curling, soccer, baseball and bowling. There are youth groups, music and art lessons, youth programs such as 4-H, Girl Guides and Boy scouts and yoga, fitness and dance classes to name a few of the activities offered.

Homestay families often travel to Brandon or Winnipeg on a regular basis for shopping trips or entertainment. Families are encouraged to offer opportunities for students to experience local attractions and events. Families may also plan trips during school breaks to different regions of Canada if a student gains parental permission.

Why Manitoba?

Quality of Life

Living costs are some of the most affordable in Canada, with house prices, auto insurance, electricity, university or college tuition and more all available at very reasonable costs. Read More

Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons to study, live and work in Manitoba. Read More

The Manitoba Advantage

Manitobans love to celebrate their heritage and the arts, so the province boasts 100 festivals held throughout the year – including the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Folklorama, the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, the Festival du Voyageur and the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Read More

Manitoba offers the Provincial Nominee program to international students graduating from post- secondary programs wishing to immigrate to Manitoba. To find out more visit:.immigratemanitoba.com

Post secondary students are eligible for a 60% rebate on tuition fees from the Province of Manitoba. gov.mb.ca/tuitionrebate



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